Dogs and Puppies

Dogs and Puppies needing a home

A list of the current Dogs & Puppies that need a loving home. This page is updated as often as possible.

Max (RSPCA Cheshire) 

Max is a 6 and half year old male Shih Tzu/Jack Russell Cross. He was rehomed in November but sadly was returned a fortnight later . More details will be given upon making enquiries .

Max is a sweet boy and he has many positive qualities . He is obedient and in many ways is

an easy going dog who isn’t demanding . He is very clean so housetraining will not be an issue at all.He loves his walks and his toys. He is well behaved when out and about and is generally fine when coming across dogs on walks. He also travels well in the car and is fine being left for short periods .

Max is however shy and nervous among strangers initially . He is very much a dog that needs space and must be allowed to come to you on his own terms and when he is ready . He does not like to be fussed or carried and is not a lap dog at all . Once he gets to know you , he does actually enjoy a good fuss and is an affectionate boy but again it is very much when he is in the mood . He simply loves having his back scratched .

Max is looking for an experienced dog owner who will give him the time to adjust and bond with them as well as his new surroundings. He would make a good companion but his new adopters need to understand that he can be a little unpredictable.

He is looking for an adult only home . Potential adopters need to be prepared  to visit Max on a few occasions before rehome so that he can get to know them better and vice versa. He could possibly live with another well behaved neutered dog if introductions are successful.  He is not to be rehomed with cats.

If you would like to offer one of our animals a new home and you would like to arrange to meet them, please call our Branch Manager Julia Tucker on 0161-286-2503 or email

(Added 13/1/2020)

Rex (RSPCA Macclesfield)

12 years old Male Crossbreed

Twelve years old and in a kennel, just so sad. Rex, a very friendly dog, may be an older gent but he has a real spark. His previous owners were not looking after him, he was kept in a flat and not walked and he was not fed well which resulted in a lot of weight loss. Unfortunately they had learning difficulties and acquired Rex because his owner had died. A very sad tale. So now he is looking for his retirement home where he’ll be loved and cared for and to be happy again.

Rex, RSPCA Macclesfield

Rex is currently being housed at our Chesterfield centre so please contact Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre for further advice and information about rehoming requirements –
telephone: 01246 273358

(Added 23/12/2019)



4 Gorgeous Puppies (Phoenix Dog Rescue)

Everyone meet our 4 gorgeous puppies. Recently travelled over from Romania 2 males & 2 females  –  Zen, Spot, Minnie and Luna who are 6 months old and looking for their forever homes.
These four are typical puppies and so will need basic training. They are all fine with other dogs, and can be cat tested if needed.  Currently in kennels in Warrington area.

Zen, Phoenix Dog RescueSpot, Phoenix Dog RescueMinnie, Phoenix Dog Rescue
For more information on any of these 4 please contact dawn @ Phoenix Dog Rescue, Warrington tel no 079292251244 (no calls after 9pm please)

(Added 9/12/2019)



Zoe (Laurel Animal Rescue)

Zoe is a large 18 month old crossbreed. She’s fine with dogs of all sizes but prefers dogs her own size. She enjoys walking and exploring but could do with some basic training as she gets distracted easily when she’s got other dogs around her, but on her own she sits at your feet.

Zoe is spayed, vaccinated, chipped, flead, wormed and will come with five weeks free insurance.

We would prefer:

a home with large breed experience.
an active home that enjoy long walks.
a home that has somebody around most of the day.

All adoptions are subject to a homecheck and donation.
Zoe, Laurel Animal Rescue

If you would like to offer Zoe a home please send a message to our Facebook page, phone 07518 256160 or email:

(Added 15/11/2019)



Cooper (Phoenix Dog Rescue)

Everyone meet Cooper

He is a cross breed who Is around 2 years old and is a BIG daft boy 😍 He is a large dog and is big and bouncy but soooo gorgeous!!!!
Cooper was recently returned to Pheonix Dog Rescue due to showing some aggression to dogs whilst on his lead.
Since being back he has been absolutely fine with other dogs. He does sometimes have a go when he is being walked on his lead but he’s fine once he’s had a sniff. This is why he needs someone confident behind the lead, and someone who will be willing to carry on socialising him. He just wants to play and be silly!
He really loves his walks and being out.

Cooper Phoenix Animal Rescue
A home with previous large breed experience would also be good 🙂
If you are looking for a big, happy and very loving dog then Cooper is your man!!!
If interested please contact Dawn on 07929251244.(no calls after 9pm)



Harvey and Bella (Laurel Animal Rescue)

These two gorgeous little ones are looking for their forever home, we’d like them to stay together, so you’d need to be aware of two lots of costs involving vets, food and grooming. Harvey on the left is 10 and enjoys being with you and watching the world go by.. Bella is a little bit more reserved and likes to take a back seat. She also likes to know where Harvey is. Harvey has allergies to certain foods, so we will supply a sack of his food. They’re currently in foster with other dogs and we feel they’d be best suited to a calm home with either no children or older ones 15+

Harvey and Bella Laurel Animal Rescue

All adoptions are subject to homecheck and donation. If you would like to offer Harvey & Bella a home please contact us:

💬 send a message to our Facebook page.

☎️ or phone 07518 256160…”

(Added 22/10/19)


Lucy (Phoenix Dog Rescue)

Lucy is a 1 year old cross breed, who recently travelled over from Romania.
She’s the sweetest girl who loves a cuddle and attention. Lucy’s forever home needs to be one where she will be an only dog. Lucy doesn’t like to be around other dogs, but I do believe with training and trust she could learn that other dogs aren’t going to hurt her. She needs a home where her owners will be around a lot as she loves to be with you as much as she can. When she first came over she was very nervous on the lead and wasn’t quite sure how to walk on it, she’s much better at this already and is learning to enjoy going out for walks.
Lucy does only have one fully formed ear, this doesn’t affect her in any way, I just tell her it makes her even more special!

Lucy Phoenix Dog Rescue

If your interested in Lucy and would like more information please contact dawn on 07929251244 (no calls after 9pm please)

(Added 22/10/19)



Yogi (Phoenix Dog Rescue)

I am a cross breed around 2 years old and I’m a very big boy. To give you an idea I currently weigh around 37kg. This is why i need a home with someone who is used to having a big dog around and one without any young children around.
I’m a big, silly teddy bear and I don’t realise my size! I do still need to learn some basics, but I’m very food driven so this will definitely help with training.
I’m a very independent boy, as much as I love people, I do like my own space!
I do get along with other dogs, but would prefer to be the only dog in the home.
I just know I’m going to bring a lot of fun and laughter into someone’s life; I just need to find them!

Yogi Phoenix Dog Rescue

If you are interested on more information on Yogi then please contact Dawn on 07929251244. (no calls after 9pm please)

(Added 22/10/19)


Precious (Phoenix Dog Rescue)

My name is precious and I’m looking for my new forever home due to my previous owners health.
I’m a 12 year old typical terrier… and I certainly don’t act my age!!
I love running and playing and I go crazy for toys, especially balls!!
I am currently in foster around dogs and a cat and I am doing fine. Although I don’t like to share my toys with them!!
I’m a good girl in the house and fully house trained.
My new home does need to have no young children around as I wouldn’t like to share toys with them either!

Precious Phoenix Dog Rescue

If you think you could be my potential new family please get in touch with dawn on 07929251244 (no calls after 9pm)

(Added 22/10/19)


Noah (Laurel Animal Rescue)

Noah is 3 years old, very clever, happy, friendly and fine with most dogs – though not too keen on small light coloured ones. She likes human attention and is keen to learn and wants to please you. Noah also enjoys chasing a ball.

She would suit an active family with a large secure garden.

She’s spayed, vaccinated, chipped, flead & wormed.

Noah, Laurels Animal Rescue

If you would like to offer her a home please send a message to our Facebook page or telephone 07518 256160.

All our dogs are in foster homes

(Added 17/10/2019)


Sollis (Erin Hounds)

Sollis (born April 2013) is a medium sized female saluki cross lurcher who was found lying exhausted on a vast plain of common land called the Curragh, near the race course. She had recently had puppies and was very shut down. She is understandably shy of strangers but is submissive and is a really sweet, kind, playful and affectionate girl once she knows and trusts you. She loves a gallop and a play and we are looking for a home with another dog to give her confidence. She is clean and quiet. A home without young children would suit her best.

If you can offer this girl, a safe haven where she can relax and come out of her shell at her own pace, you will be more than rewarded for your patience. She is neutered and microchipped.

Sollis Erin Hounds

If you would like to offer Sollis a safe and secure home, please contact us

(Added 12/7/2019)


Kimble (Erin Hounds)

Kimble (born Jan 2017) has been through a lot and will need to live with another dog or two to give him confidence as he is nervous when he feels that he is being put on the spot and would rather stay in the background. He comes out of himself once he knows you but hates to feel confined as is the case with many saluki type lurchers.

We are looking for a home where someone is around most of the time where he can grow in confidence and unpack his bags at his own pace.

He is neutered and microchipped.

Kimble Erin Hound

If you would like to offer Kimble a safe and secure home, please contact us

(Added 12/7/2019)


Gamble (Erin Hounds)

Gamble (born January 2018) is a medium sized male lurcher who was dumped late at night. He is very handsome and loves people and playtime especially being tickled. He would enjoy a busy home where he could let off steam with off lead exercise in an enclosed safe area.  He could live with respectful children.

He would like a home where someone is around quite a lot and there is a role model dog to play with and learn from, as he is only a youngster. He travels well.

He is neutered and microchipped.

Gamble Erin Hounds

If you would like to help the light back into his eyes and see him gambolling about please contact us

(Added 12/7/2019)


Zazu (Erin Hounds)

Zazu (born January 2015) is a smallish female lurcher (23” to the shoulder). She is a sweet girl who loves cuddles. She has been through a lot and would love to be able to relax forever in a home. She would be ok as an only dog and loves a run in the garden.

She cannot live with cats. She is neutered and microchipped.

Zazu Erin Hounds







If you would like to offer Zazu a safe and secure home, please contact us

(Added 23/5/2019)

Paddy  (RSPCA Macclesfield)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 10 years old, Male

Arrived 28th March

Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre

Poor Paddy was in a pretty bad state when he came to us, emaciated, dehydrated with a couple of pressure sores. He’d been quite badly neglected. The owner said that his mother died a couple of weeks ago and he moved into her property and that Paddy was her dog.

Paddy is a friendly boy but he can generally be very anxious. He can be unsure of new people and situations such as vet checks and being in unfamiliar places etc. His world has been ripped apart and he’s been put into a very stressful environment so it’s no wonder, even though the staff are wonderful and do help make his life easier here. He will need a quiet home and an owner who is able to make him feel comfortable and manage him effectively when he is unsure and worried. Once Paddy develops a positive relationship with people he is a real sweetheart and enjoys the fuss and company. 


He is looking for an adult only home without any other animals. He has been neutered and vaccinated. Please contact the centre

All adoptions are subject to homecheck.

(added 29/04/2019)


Sasha (Laurel Animal Rescue)

Are you an active family looking for a fun, energetic, playful medium sized dog, then look no further..

Sasha is knee high, weighs 12kg and is 3 years old, she’s neutered, vaccinated, chipped, flead & wormed. She’s fine with dogs of all sizes and enjoys her walks and running around with others.

Sasha would be best suited in an active home with a good size garden and a family who spend lots of time out walking. She could do with being taught some basic commands and manners.

You may have noticed she has a stumpy tail and one of her ears sticks up 😳

All adoptions are subject to homecheck and donation.


If you would like to offer Sasha a home please contact us:

💬 send a message to this page.
☎️ 07518 256160

Please remember we don’t have kennels, our dogs are in foster homes.

We’re all volunteers doing this around our own jobs/commitments so you may not get an instant response 🐶🐶

(added 25/03/2019)


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